Please Help!


prayerDear Friends,

The Wynne Farm ugently needs your help.  The reserve was seriously vandalized on March 22, 2014. Trees were cut down, the guardian was brutally stoned, thankfully he is still alive, horses were beaten, storage was broken into, and Jane Wynne and family have been threatened. These horrifying events are due to an attempt of illegal sale of the property. Members of the Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve are working diligently to protect this much-needed green space in Haiti. Today we need your help to secure the reserve. At the moment one of our most pressing needs is fencing. 

Many friends and supporters have asked how they can help and where they can donate. If you would like to make a donation to protect and support the Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve, please click on our donate button at the right of the page.

We thank you all for your love, compassion, and support, and most of all for your love for Haiti and connection with Mother Nature.




3 Responses to Please Help!

  1. Monica Adamson says:

    Donation by Maison Reinbold for this precious Farm. Your work for our community is great, thanks.

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